Adventures With A 85mm Macro Lens

My latest addition to the range of lens for my Nikon D5200 is an Nikon 85mm macro lens. I obtained this beauty from eBay and I am delighted with it. I have always wanted to experiment with close up images, especially toys and objects.

I have added a few images to my Flickr account which have been a lot if fun to set up and shoot.

Macro Photography

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Children’s Notebooks

Notebooks I ordered from Truprint for my niece and nephews arrived today. They are created from images I shot of toys they each like. I like how they turned out and the quality of the printing is good, so I highly recommend them.

Click the image to see the full size images.

Man of Steel


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You and Me

It really boosts your confidence when an image that was not featured by Flickr is picked by an unknown photographer for their Flickr Gallery. Plus it is encouraging when you visit their Gallery and read the following comment about your image. 


I adore this close-up from Derek’s series. This has a very clever composition and I love the rich (and surreal) layers in this charming image. I could see this as a best-selling poster/art canvas in _thousands_ of young girl’s bedrooms because this image is so endearing!”


Perhaps one day this image might adorn many children’s bedroom walls. Certainly this comment has been an approval by a much better photographer than me.


Scary Shadow Monster 

Bought myself a Nikon SB-400 Speedlite for my D5100, a great product for improving flash. I also got a hot shoe lead to allow me to put it on a Gorilla Pod to let me move it around, rather than having to be fixed to the camera. So you can imagine I needed a willing model to experiment and only Buzz was available at short notice.

Click on the picture to see the scary results on Flickr.

Heroes Assemble



I took this picture for a weekly Flickr challenge of superheroes. The image of collectables suggests to the imagination, what if all these characters came together in the one storyline? A cross over of universes and powers. Anyway, a fun image to set up.