Atticus Turns 3 Months

Since our son was born it’s been my passion to capture each change on camera. To do this I decided to photography a monthly image using stickers my sister sent me from the states.





But yesterday it was a double bonus when his three month picture got explored on Flickr. Check out the picture on Flickr


Embracing the model character for photography

American Hustle

American Hustle

If you are anything like me and have only began to get to grips with photography, you might well have discovered that without willing participants you end up having to be your own model. This has been the case for me more than once this year, as I tried to complete a different theme each week for my Project 52.

It is interesting trying to be both the photographer and the subject at the same time. The above image was taken as part of a #FlickrFriday theme called #shakenbutnotstirred. This particular image ended up more like the film American Hustle and I quite liked it. However the image I submitted in the end was the image is below, as it looked more like a James Bond villain.

Shaken But Not Stirred - #FlickrFriday theme challenge.

Shaken But Not Stirred – #FlickrFriday theme challenge.

With reluctance I have appeared a few more times in my Flickr photos and here is some examples. However I would have preferred to have had some volunteers to be my subjects for this type of photography.

Double Exposure with favourite book.

Double Exposure with favourite book.

9 Years of Flickr

9 Years of Flickr

Baby's View

Please do take a moment to look at the images on Flickr by clicking on the images and leave a comment. If you are already on Flickr drop by and connect, always keen to see other peoples work.

Explored Again

Baby's View


Finally after some time I have been featured again on Flickr Explored. I was starting to think I may never get selected again. Not sure how Flickr actually makes the selection process but it is always nice to have your image reach a wider audience. After all what is the point of taking photos if no one gets to see what you saw. The image is all about perspective. In this case the view that a baby sees from a pram.

Feel free to leave a comment or connect on Flickr if you have an account.

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk – Titanic Belfast


On Saturday the 5th October I had the opportunity to be apart of the 6th Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk. I noticed that there was two walks in Belfast, but the Titanic Belfast interested me the most. I really love this signature building with its modern architecture and cool exhibition to the lost White Line ship.

I have to say I met the greatest bunch of photographers, who made me feel very welcome, considering they were all professionals and part of the same club. The walk allowed me to shoot a set full of architecture, people, history, among other things. However, the above image is the one I submitted to the walk website, but feel free to check out the full set.

I certainly will be looking to take part again next year. Perhaps then I might even have learn’t a few new skills.

First Public Photographic Event


Sunday was interesting, my friend asked me would i take some pictures at his ordination in St Patrick’s Cathedral as one of the first Permanent Deacons in that part of Ireland. I wasn’t sure I was up for the task, but because he asked me, I gave it a go.

Upon arrival I discovered that if I wanted to take picture in the Cathedral I had to be with the press photographers and not the guests as I had expected. This was really amusing as all these guys had top of the end Canon or Nikon’s with massive zooms. While I had my Nikon D5200 and a few lens with me. In fairness they accepted me and let me be apart of the pack, and I did get behind the scenes places that a guest would not have been allowed to access.

So apart from school boy errors and a lot of learning, here are my images on Flickr. I hope you find them interesting and please do leave your comments.

Double Exposure Self Image

Following the usual photography themed challenge on the #FlickrFriday group, I decided to try some self portraits for this weeks theme #DoubleExposure. The image above is the most striking and it conveys my favorite biography. Cartainly anyone who has spoken with me about books on theology, will know how much the life of Dietreich Bonhoeffer (Pastor, Theologian, Spy and Martyr) has influenced my own thinking and hopefully my life.

This interest grew from a visit to the holocaust museum in Israel, in which I came away wondering where the church was during this dark period in our history. I discovered a book by Eric Metaxas, journeying the reader through the life and death of Bonhoeffer. On the cover is an iconic portrait image of the man himself, with his round wire glasses taken during his time in a Nazi prison. That is the image I have used to double exposure over my own self portrait, in homage to his his lives story and the lessons for our lives still today.

Strangers We Meet

I met this gentleman while trying to take these landscape pictures and one of the moon. He approached me loudly from a distance, suggesting I take his picture, because I would never get a picture of an Irishman like him. I believe that might be true after our conversation and anyway, how could I refuse such an interesting character with a stick!

So I swung the camera around on the tripod and quickly fulfilled his request. As you can see there was no time for composition or even to consider focus. Just capture the moment, hope everyone is happy and get back to capturing my shoreline before the light was gone

However, the whole evening was full of people asking what I was looking at, what was it i saw and was I a professional. It seems a camera on a tripod convinces everyone you are a professional even when all you hoped for was a quiet night to better know learn your craft. Still it meant I got to take this gem of a photo. Feel free to let me know what do you think or share you stories of strangers you’ve met while out taking pictures.