Caran d’Ache Geneva

Caran d'Ache Geneva by Derek Hall
Caran d’Ache Geneva, a photo by Derek Hall on Flickr.

Flickr Explore is an odd thing to understand. In my time on Flickr I’ve had three images featured, but I can’t say they where particularly my best photos not that they were in anyway amazing. However it’s still an interesting channel which I would love to understand. What does everyone else think?

Photography Exhibit

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NI Photography Exhibit, a set on Flickr.

Great day at The MAC taking in the photography exhibition of Northern Ireland in a variety of images. Well worth a visit if you are in Belfast.


Lifebuoy’s are one of those everyday things you never seem to notice much. Yet they are orange, iconic lifesavers that I find striking against a strong blue sky.

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97 Percent

Last week on the #FlickrFriday group the challenge was a head scratcher of a theme – #97Percent. I have to say this one really stretched the old grey matter, but I discovered the statistic that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that man made climate change is real. So here is my photographic portrayal of that stat.

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Children’s Notebooks

Notebooks I ordered from Truprint for my niece and nephews arrived today. They are created from images I shot of toys they each like. I like how they turned out and the quality of the printing is good, so I highly recommend them.

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Man of Steel


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The Lives Of Others

This weeks #FlickrFriday theme was ‘The Lives Of Others’, which immediately the mind thinks of snapping people going about their business through a zoom lens. However, I quickly imagined this would be the default choice of most submissions and I prefer pictures of people up close and personal if I can. So here is what I decided to go with, seven very different biographies that give us an insight into the lives of others.

Click the above image to see all my #FlickrFriday concepts and five that were featured on the #Flickr blog. Feel free to leave comments or helpful insights. I’m keen to learn from better photographers.